About Me

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kevin Harper. Being born and raised in Vancouver BC I’d aspired to become a hair transplant expert some day. In pursuing my passion, I set out to research and study hair restoration combined with new trends. In doing so, I came across the art of SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation). This procedure dates back to 2002 and has since become increasingly popular over the last few years. Words cannot describe how amazed I was at real life results from clients, who opted for this procedure with industry professionals and SMP artists. Without further hesitation I began my journey in training with the industry leaders to learn this art. Having full training and support from the best in the industry,  I even passed up the offer as an intern with Dr. Hasson and Wong based here in Vancouver BC. Dr. Hasson & Wong are very well respected throughout the world and I hold them in high regard without question. After respectfully declining the offer to join their team, I was on my way to putting my SMP skills to work, while training alongside other professionals. Upon completion of my training, I was working on ways to give the very same results to people without charging them several thousands of dollars which most artists at their clinics charge.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the hair restoration industry is the overpriced procedures, marketing tactics, and numerous scams out there. I choose to keep my overhead low, passing on the savings to my clients. On average this will result in $1500-$2500! To achieve this I perform all the procedures myself giving my clients my full undivided attention. I intend to utilize your space, be it your home, (given there is a small room area where this can be done) or I work with you to find a suitable space in your area.  Other companies rely on high operating costs and utilize their trainees for clients who are paying premium price. One advanced SMP trainee tech for the hairline or front of your scalp, and then a second trainee /tech person for the back of your scalp. By doing this, you could have mixed results with two different S.M.P design patterns. After rushing you and tattooing the pigment as fast as possible,  it allows them to service multiple clients in a day. Less work for the professional artists, and having the trainees on paid clients is not professional at all. The SMP experts of these companies only do a touch-up session to cover up or fix mistakes which should not have occurred at the very get go. Unfortunately this practice is the norm of many clinics and newbie ones trying to take this career on. Being an artist whose spent several 100’s of hours in practice, and then 1000’s of hours servicing clients I’ve established myself as a reputable person in this business. To keep things simple I perform no more than one SMP procedure every other day. I do this to ensure the best results, while not overworking myself.


My priority is to give you the best quality procedure with undetectable natural results. Natural feathered hairlines are my preference. My main focus is getting your hairline design created to match your natural facial anatomy, by using golden facial ratios, along with identifying your facial shape to create an attractive and balanced facial proportion. Your face is divided into three thirds from the front view. As you age and your hairline recedes, it can throw off the upper facial third which shows signs of aging and can give the appearance of a larger forehead when designing your hairline. Taking into consideration your age, ethnicity, and style, I am able to give you a nice attractive hairline design to suit your look. For your benefit I encourage all my clients to buy an oil pencil from shoppers drug mart and draw on different hair-lines to get a feel for what they may like. In addition to this I  also encourage you to send me photos of hairlines you desire so that we are on the same page with what you’re looking for, before sharing my expert suggestions with you.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via text, email or a phone call.

Committed to our clients


  • no trainee will work on your scalp
  • will not service multiple clients on any given day
  • will beat any price in the city
  • only the highest quality smp products will be used
  • all of your questions and concerns will be looked after by myself

Best practice and satisfied clients is what matters to me the most

Note: There are a lot of good SMP providers in Vancouver BC. That being said, there is also a lot of bad providers as well. I would not expect you to know who’s legit and whose going to do a botched job. I highly recommend a professional artist, rather than opting for a trainee as the results speak for themselves.




My SMP Process:

1. Book consultation

2. First session 2-5 hours (treat entire hair loss area, wait one week to heal)

3. Second session 2-4 hours (wait one week to heal)

4. Third session 1-3 hours for any additional blending and final touches if needed.

* Each treatment is custom. What is needed in each session will be different for all.

I use the highest quality SMP pigments in the industry if you are getting SMP done elsewhere to make sure to ask the SMP artist to pour a small amount of there pigment/ink on top of a paper towel. Now take rubbing alcohol (purchase a small bottle) and pour it on top of the pigment if the pigment changes color from black to blue, green, or purple. Get up and leave as this is cheap tattoo inks which are not meant for the scalp and will fade into blue, green, and purple in time after being exposed to the sun or under certain lighting conditions. True high-quality SMP pigments will stay black but lighten up to grey once you pour alcohol on top of the pigments on the paper towel.

The tiny specialized microneedles I use were developed in Germany using laser cut precision to give you the most realistic tiny hair follicle replications. I carry different needles for different skin types and hair densities. All of the equipment is developed for SMP.

Please Contact me with any questions or concerns you may have

Kevin Harper