S.M.P Training

Course 1 on 1

If you would like to become a professional Scalp Hair Pigmentation Expert look no further. Training is based on your experience level. Training is split up into 3 phases.

Phase 1 – $1250.

For phase 1 of training, you will get all your equipment (an SMP Professional rotary pen, SMP needles, a power supply, and pigment for 25 scalp micro pigmentation procedures) when we arrive with your equipment. You will also get all the theory and training material, along with us showing you how to practice and get your hair follicle replications to the perfect depth, how to create patterns to cover the scalp and the sanitization methods.

Once you feel you are ready for the next phase.

Phase 2 – $1250.

For phase two. You will get to come with us as an apprentice to a clients sessions to watch live in person from A-Z, how to perform a consultation, draw on different types of hairlines ( natural, hard edge up, medium edge up, and the facial golden ratio measurements ). You will get to see one client from their first session to their last session — usually two sessions but sometimes three. We feel it’s critical for your learning that you see a procedure from beginning till the end which most clients are finished in two sessions, but some can require a little touch up the third session to make everything perfect.

Phase 3 – $1250

Once we have reviewed your practice material and feel you are ready to work on actual clients skin. We will find you a client who is willing to be worked on by yourself under my direct supervision for his first session. Here is where we will guide you, help you pigment the client if you get stuck anywhere throughout the procedure and observe/guide you from start to finish in the first session. For his second session and third session ( if a third is needed ) you will have to pay our regular session rate, If you would like for us to come and instruct for those sessions. If in the future you need me to instruct any of your sessions at any time. It will be charged at my regular session rates.

Once completed to our satisfaction. You will get your certification and your WorkSafe B.C Medical bloodborne pathogens license to start your own scalp micro pigmentation hair restoration business.


Feel free to call, text, or email us anytime for any questions about the training.