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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation treatment is a specialized form of tattooing. We impress one ‘hair follicle’ impression at a time to create the illusion of hair stubble. SMP is the perfect solution for any level of hair loss. SMP can create a freshly shaven look, add density to thinning hair, or camouflage scars from hair transplants and other traumas. We use specialized needles and pigments that are developed specifically for your scalp.

S.M.P Laser Removal info

Unfortunately, there are botched smp procedures out there. Sometimes laser scalp micropigmentation removal is the best course of action before proceeding with having a correction procedure done with us. Alot of times tattoo artists choose to use the wrong generic tattoo inks and mix there own blends which later can change color. Or a bad SMP artist who places the pigment too deep causing blowouts, large dots, and discoloration of the scalp, etc. Sometimes you decide the hairline is too low and want to change it up. For whatever reason, S.M.P laser removal service is a quick way to get a fresh scalp for us to work on. Pricing varies based on the size. For example, if you need a hairline redesigned. The cost of removal is usually $75 to have the hairline safely lasered away using the highest industry grade lasers to remove it. Once you’ve healed from the removal, you can come in for a redesign of your hairline, etc.

SMP Laser Removal is quick and easy. The reason for this is because unlike traditional tattoos which are placed deep within the skin with a different style/technique. SMP is placed at the upper top layer of skin. Our needles and technique are to place the hair follicle replications Less than one millimeter under the skin. This is why SMP removal is fast and affordable.

For more information send me a text anytime, and I’ll evaluate your case. Alot of times, I’m able to correct bad work without the use of lasers. It’s all a case by case basis.

Call, email, or text me with photos and I will let you know if I can blend it or if it will need laser. Thanks


Call, text, or email with any questions or concerns. Send over some photos of your hairloss for a detailed assessment and price quote


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