Hi guys. I have been doing SMP since December of 2015. Alot of clients have been requesting videos. So i started a instagram page in April of 2020 Just to post the latest videos. Make sure to read the video details. It will explain which session the client is on, which needles were used for each case along with what shade of pigment was used. I have over (410+ clients AS OF NOV 12 2020 and counting) with proof since 2015. The majority of videos i have are private with me as alot of other companies are stealing photos and videos from me. so i can show you in person. Thanks



I didnt create it for followers. Just to simply post videos. Which is why i didnt post a bunch of hashtags etc. I already get tons of emails, whatsapps, texts, and refferals. So adding a instagram just adds to alot more messaging pressure to myself. I prefer text messages for all inquiries. 604-800-6003 Thanks. 🙂


For my latest videos go to my instagram page.

my instagram page is: ( copy and paste the following link into your browser)



also my instagram username is :  thebaldcure.ca