Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kevin Harper. Being born and raised in Vancouver BC I’d aspired to become a hair transplant expert some day. In pursuing my passion, I set out to research and study hair restoration combined with new trends. In doing so, I came across the art of SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation). This procedure dates back to 2002 and has since become increasingly popular over the last few years. Words cannot describe how amazed I was at real life results from clients, who opted for this procedure with industry professionals and SMP artists. Without further hesitation  I began my journey in training with the industry leaders to learn this art. Having full training and support from the best in the industry,  I even passed up the offer as an intern with Dr. Hasson and Wong based here in Vancouver BC.

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Professional Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Replication Tattoos

(Updates- Due to the high demand of our services. We will be increasing our prices soon. All past clients and who ever has booked with the current prices will get the original affordable price for Life. Thanks).

www.TheBaldCure.ca is one of the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Replication Services in Vancouver BC Canada. Kevin Harper is the only Mobile Service Provider in Vancouver BC. (Your SMP Sessions are performed in the comfort of your home). By offering in home services we are able to BEAT ANY PRICE as we eliminate all the associated costs that having a clinic would have.

Dr. Hasson & Wong were who we were going to train in hair transplantation. We now perform scalp hair follicle replication tattoos. We use tiny specialized needles and organic pigments to achieve the look of a full head of hair.
Vancouver’s Affordable Hair Loss Solution

Our Services

You only pay per session. For example, if we book you in for session 1. You only pay for that session. The next session will be paid once you are ready for it.

 Bald Spot Pigmentation Covering, or a Hairline Design or a Scar Camouflage.

Scalp micropigmentation is a very fancy term for a hair tattoo. It places pigment in the dermal layer of the skin, leaving the scalp

looking like the person simply has a very close-cropped buzz cut. (The price is for one of the three mentioned above not all three)

First Session Price $350

For Second Session Price is $350

For Any Additional Session Price is $250 if required. ($250 is a lifetime guaranteed price. If you ever require a touch up in the future whether its 3 years or 25 years down the road)

Hair Density Correction

The maximum density ethically possible with hair transplant surgery is around 50 – 60 grafts per square centimeter. We Try to replicate this with SMP and really dense up your scalp.

For First Session Price is $550

For Second Session Price is $550

For Any Additional Session Price is $300 if required. ($300 is a lifetime guaranteed price. If you ever require a touch up in the future whether its 3 years or 25 years down the road)

 Full Hairline Design, Top Of Scalp, and Crown Bald Spot Pigmenting along with Blending into your side Hair.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation can bring back a youthful appearance by re-balancing your upper third to the ideal proportions to match your middle facial third and lower facial third. As we age the upper third of your forehead/scalp show signs of aging when the hairline recedes. Causing the look of a large forehead which SMP restructures the balance when applied by a expert in the knowledge of golden facial ratios.

For First Session Price is $600

For Second Session Price is $600

For Any Additional Session Price is $350 if required. ($350 is a lifetime guaranteed price. If you ever require a touch up in the future whether its 3 years or 25 years down the road)

Men or women who have had a bad S.M.P session elsewhere. At the various other clinics. We can fix it. Pricing will be per session depending on the amount of work needed to be done. (Send over photos so we can assess the previous work and give you a fair estimate).

If you have a hair transplant scar FUT or FUE needing camouflage/blending send over photos for a custom estimate. It all depends on the size of it.


Would you like train to become a S.M.P artist?

If you would like to become a professional Scalp Hair Pigmentation Expert look no further. Training is based on your experience level. Training is split up into 3 phases. You will get your certification and your WorkSafe B.C Medical bloodborne pathogens license to start your own scalp micro pigmentation hair restoration business.

  • Phase 1
    Train you will get all your equipment an SMP Professional rotary pen, SMP needles, a power supply, and pigment for 25 scalp micro pigmentation procedures.
  • Phase 2
    You will get to come with us as an apprentice to a clients sessions to watch live in person from A-Z, how to perform a consultation, draw on different types of hairlines ( natural feathered, hard edge up, medium edge up, and the facial golden ratio measurements ) overviews.
  • Phase 3
    Here is where we will guide you, help you pigment the client if you get stuck anywhere throughout the procedure and observe/guide you from start to finish in the first session.

S M P Laser Removal

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation is a specialized form of tattooing. We impress one ‘hair follicle’ impression at a time to create the illusion of hair stubble. SMP is the perfect solution for any level of hair loss. SMP can create a freshly shaven look, add density to thinning hair, or camouflage scars from hair transplants and other traumas. We use specialized needles and pigments that are developed specifically for your scalp.

Frequently Answered Questions

Yes. Most clients want a soft and natural fading frontal hairline, while others prefer a more distinct and “edged-up” look. I advise and work with clients individually to obtain the look they want.

Depending on your balding pattern this may be possible. A consultation between a licensed SMP technician and a prospective client before undergoing Scalp Micro-pigmentation will be very valuable in deciding what kind of hair loss you have, if it has stabilized, and the different options / SMP techniques which will be applied to your type of hair loss. Generally, if you would like to grow your hair out, then SMP will be performed to accommodate for the growth of hair. Send over a few photos of your hair-loss for a quick free assessment. [email protected] or Text / Whatsapp them to 604-800-6003. (Whatsapp is a cellular app to send photos and videos).

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