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You only pay per session. For example, if we book you in for session 1. You only pay for that session. The next session will be paid once you are ready for it.

Quick example for anyone that might be confused. Say a client requires a hairline design, top of scalp PIGMENTATION and the crown/back of scalp pigmented. If we book you in for session one, you only pay $600 on the day of your session. Once your ready for session 2. which can be anytime 5-10 days after your first session (Depending on how fast you heal). Its when we would re-book you in and then you would pay the $600 on the day of your second session. If the client needed a third session touch up. We would book them in, and they would pay $350 on the day of that session.

The Bald Cure Mobile Service In The Comfort Of Your Home We Beat Any Price 3-2-300x279 Services & Pricing

Bald Spot Pigmentation Covering, or a Hairline Design or a Scar Camouflage.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a very fancy term for a hair tattoo. It places pigment in the dermal layer of the skin, leaving the scalp looking like the person simply has a very close-cropped buzz cut.  (The price is for one of the three mentioned above not all three)

For First Session Price is $350

For Second Session Price is $350

For additional Session Price is $250 if required

The Bald Cure Mobile Service In The Comfort Of Your Home We Beat Any Price 2-1-1-300x119 Services & Pricing

Hair Density Correction

The maximum density ethically possible with hair transplant surgery is around 50 – 60 grafts per square centimeter. We Try to replicate this with SMP and really dense up your scalp.

For First Session Price is $550

For Second Session Price is $550

For Additional Session Price is $350 if required

The Bald Cure Mobile Service In The Comfort Of Your Home We Beat Any Price 6_3-1-300x80 Services & Pricing

Full Hairline Design, Top Of Scalp, and Crown Bald Spot Pigmenting along with Blending into your side Hair.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation can bring back a youthful appearance by re-balancing your upper third to the ideal proportions to match your middle facial third and lower facial third. As we age the upper third of your forehead/scalp show signs of aging when the hairline recedes. Causing the look of a large forehead which SMP restructures the balance when applied by a expert in the knowledge of golden facial ratios.

For First Session Price is $600

For Second Session Price is $600

For Additional Session Price is $350 if required

Men or women who have had a bad S.M.P session elsewhere. At the various other clinics. We can fix it. Pricing will be per session depending on the amount of work needed to be done. (Send over photos so we can assess the previous work and give you a fair estimate).

If you have a hair transplant scar FUT or FUE needing camouflage/blending send over photos for a custom estimate. It all depends on the size of it.

Affordable Fair Pricing

We want to keep the prices of the SMP procedures affordable. A lot of our clients expressed how they wished they found us many years ago when they suffered from hair loss but they couldn’t afford it when they were younger.

Time is something we can never get back. So being able to offer this so that pretty much anyone can get it done without losing many years of there youth was what we felt is fair.

Smp is not all about profits and cashing in on people’s insecurities with their hair-loss. We believe in being fair and offering this at a price point where we are satisfied with the profit, and our clients can afford it.

We eliminated a lot of the costs by providing this as a mobile service provider i.e mobile makeup artist service, and mobile hair salon service along with mobile haircut and hair tattoo or hair transplant service in the comfort of your home. The clinic fees, staff, rent, amenities, utilities, and multiple other costs associated with running a clinic. All those savings are entirely passed on to our clients. Other providers charge many thousands more, but they have to with all the associated costs.

There are many good providers in Vancouver BC. Along with bad providers. Go with your gut feeling and make sure you are comfortable with the SMP provider you choose.

Smp costs our providers a minimal amount. The pigment used is about $50 for a client’s scalp per session, and the specialized needles cost about $10 each. We usually use 2-3 needles per session. By doing this, we have a nice sharp, fresh needle through out your SMP procedure. So now you can see the profits made are still very high for the price we are charging.

We hope that helps you understand all the prices.

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